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Information for Prospective New Members

We are Atlantic Pacific (AP) Insurance Brokers. Our mission is to enhance the marketing capabilities of our member agents. Atlantic Pacific itself is not a profit making entity, and all funds paid into our main office are used to either pay the office overhead (member monthly dues) or are distributed to each member agent as commission, profit sharing or commission over-ride checks.

Our member agencies collect 100% of all commissions, over-rides and contingency/profit sharing payments according to our master agreement. AP cannot guarantee that all new members will be appointed to all of our carriers. We do make every effort to provide access to all of our markets but each carrier has the final approval for every appointment.

If you have specific appointment goals in mind, please communicate that to us from the beginning of this process so that we can contact the carriers prior to the finalization of your AP membership.

Minimum Criteria for Membership:

Agent Responsibilities:

Atlantic Pacific agents pay monthly fee, submit client lists, and attend carrier meetings to maintain book of business with administrative support.

New Member Fee

There is a onetime New Member fee of $5,000 for every new member. The purpose of the fee is to offset the cost of adding the new member to all of our carrier sites that require individual codes, as well as the initial documentation requirements when adding a new member. 

This fee can be paid in four quarterly installments during the first year of membership.

AP will provide each agent with a current list of company contact names, agency codes and email/phone number contact information.

AP will mail each agent their policies, endorsements and other documents that come into the main AP mail office on a schedule agreed upon between each agent and the AP office (usually twice a week). All Cancellation Notices will be emailed directly to the agent upon receipt by the AP office. The cost for the mailing of polices will be billed to the agent.

AP will provide each agent will a full accounting of all commissions by means of sending a complete copy of each agency direct bill statement with a full accounting of the commission payable to the agent.

AP will regularly host meetings to update the agents on production reports from carriers and introduce new potential appointments and opportunities. Members can also bring any marketing questions or carrier questions to these meetings. Meetings will be either in person at the AP office or via video conference.

All of the members of AP are accessible for any placement, coverage or claim questions. We often use the "broadcast email" approach to finding a market for a difficult risk placement.

Apply for Membership

If you are interested in becoming a member, please fill out and send us a copy of the New Agent Questionnaire PDF. You must title the email "New Agent" and send it to If your qualifications match our needs, we will contact you with more information